LINE UP 2016

Venue: p.m.k (Viaduktbogen 18; 6020 Innsbruck; Austria)

Doors open 20:00

She spread sorrow (Ritual Deathscapes/Cold Spring Records/Italy)
praying+for+oblivion (Industrial Noise/Power Electronics/USA)
Crocanti (Lo-Fi/Noise/Circuit Bending/Spain)
Kreuz 17 (War-Noise/Austria)
She Destroys Hope (Harsh Noise/HNW/Germany)

Afternoon programme
FILM SCREENING 16:00 at Die Bäckerei:
Elektro Moskva (2013)
(documentary about the Soviet electronic age and its legacy)

Entry: 10 Euro
hosted by skin on marble

Artist infos

She spread sorrow (Ritual Deathscapes/Cold Spring Records/Italy)

She spread sorrow is chastity
She spread sorrow is discipline
She spread sorrow is denial

She spread sorrow is a project run by Alice Kundalini of Deviated Sister Tv. Her debut album RED RUMSPRINGA was released on Cold Spring Records in 2015. Ritual deathscapes, obscure Death Industrial, sinful Power Electronics. A trip into distorted faith, repressed desires, guilt, punishment, discipline and perversion. File next to Pharmakon, Puce Mary, Sewer Goddess.

praying+for+oblivion (Industrial Noise/Power Electronics/USA)

Industrial-Noise/Power-Electronics project praying+for+oblivion emerged from Buffalo, N.Y. in 1995. Founded by Andrew Seal, Praying For Oblivion has taken on many different forms as a live performance and recording unit.
Live actions focus on darker ritual elements and loops, as well as vocals, augmented occasionally by synthesizers and scrap metals.


Crocantí (Lo-Fi/Noise/Circuit Bending/Spain)

Crocanti is one of the projects by Martí Guillem Císcar, based on the research of sounds in electronic devices, toys, and retro stuff, developing personal interfaces with the art of circuit bending, which are his own way of playing music, based on noises, randomness and live-performance.
Most of the elements are recycled or reused and also some d.i.y. instruments are often used, mixing them to generate a concrete audiovisual experience.

KREUZ 17 (War Noise/Austria)

Seit 2012 verkörpern KREUZ 17 die Schall gewordenen Brandrodung der Alpenregion. Zwischen Harsh Noise, Drone und aschegeschwärztem Metall, kreieren Nuderscher, Nuderscher und Prieth synapsenverätzende Klangkaskaden. Offensiv werden dabei Einflüsse aus allen erdenklichen Subgenres verschlungen, die anschließend wiederum in einer ekstatischen Entladung reflexartig nach außen geschleudert werden.

SHE DESTROYS HOPE (Harsh Noise/HNW/Germany)

Experimental Noise / Harsh Noise Wall Project from Germany. Collaborations with VOMIR, Svartvit, etc.